Landing that great job by nailing the interview

job interview

You have been called for an interview of that great job. Of course, you are nervous. It means a  lot to you. This is that job that will probably add more dollars to your bank account.

How do you best succeed in an interview?

1. Do your research

Go to the internet and learn a lot as you can about the company and the position they are offering. What will your role be? What kind of duties and responsibilities does the job require? These are some of the things that will help you answer the interview questions.

Still on research, find out if you can about the salary scale is. This is a question most interviewers ask.  You don’t want to overquote or underquote for that matter.

2. Dress to impress for that great job

First impressions are everything. So you need to dress the part. Forget those old jeans and t-shirt. Forget the very short skirts that make you look cheap.

3. Maintain eye contact

You might be nervous. Everyone usually is for an interview. One thing that will make you look confident is maintaining eye contact with those interviewing you. Relax. Answer their questions in a short and precise manner. That way you don’t look like you are fumbling through the interview.

4. Maintain open body language

Relax. It’s not the end of the world. Sit upright, and take a deep breath. Just let your body lose. Nod and smile your way through the interview. It will all be well.

5. Ask questions

Show the panelists that you have an interest in the job and the company too. Prepare a few questions to ask before the interview ends. Ask if there will be other interviews besides that one. Once you are done, remember to thank the panelists for their time. Good luck getting that great job.