Healthy v Unhealthy friendship relationships – what makes them work?

healthy v unhealthy relationships

Having genuine friends is essential in life, they make you feel more alive and they stand by your side in every difficult time. Let’s talk about some of the signs of unhealthy relationships and how you can transform a toxic relationship into a healthy friendship.

Signs of an unhealthy relationship

There are some common signs of unhealthy relationships that you should be aware of.

You feel drained: do you feel drained after you meet your friend? If yes, then you should start reconsidering your relationship. This commonly happens because of a lack of positivity attitude and connection within the relationship

He/she can’t keep secret: if your friend is not able to keep the secret to them, that means they are not loyal to you, and you should restrain yourself from sharing any sensitive information with them.

They get jealous: does your friend get jealous of you if you achieve something better? You should stay away from such people, they will always pull you back to perform well,

Trust issues: many people can’t trust their friend but choose to stay with them, it’s a situation you should be aware of. If you can’t trust your friend then its time to join new communities and discover new people around you.

healthy v unhealthy relationships

Tips to transform the unhealthy relationship into a healthy relationship.

Sometimes small steps can transform an unhealthy friendship into a healthy friendship, here are few ideas to improve the bond.

Communicate: communication is an efficient tool that can shorten the distance in the relationship, a healthy relationship consists of two-way communication which allows friends to express themselves.

Be honest: being diplomatic is good but sometimes you need to be honest about the toxic friendship.

Take a break: if you are not sure about your friendship then taking a break can be an effective solution.

Understand and Forgive: you cant achieve the inner peace until you give up all grudges and forgive. Forgiving your friend is essential to allow your friend to fix their mistakes.